FIDE Online Olympiad 2021

August 13 - September 15
Current Stage – Registration
Registration is open
Deadline Extension
Following multiple requests to extend the registration deadline from 31 July, FIDE has resolved that:

1. The deadline to confirm participation in the 2021 Online Olympiad remains 31 July.

2. The deadline to submit rosters via the online registration system remains 31 July.

3. Federations may change their submitted roster until 1200 UTC, 7 days before they are scheduled to play in the Online Olympiad for the first time, after which their squad composition will be fixed. This means the deadlines are as follows:

Base Division Friday, 6th August 1200 UTC
Division 4 Friday, 13th August 1200 UTC
Division 3 Friday, 20th August 1200 UTC
Division 2 Thursday, 26th August 1200 UTC
Top Division Wednesday, 1st September 1200 UTC


August 13 - September 15
Current Stage – Registration
Federations Performance Ranking
(all the registered teams shall be divided into 5 divisions according to this criterion - see Art. 2.2.a of the tournament Regulations)