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President of Russia greets Online Olympiad players and organizers

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin greeted the participants and organizers of the FIDE Online Olympiad. We publish his letter in full:

To the participants and organizers of the second FIDE Online Chess Olympiad
Dear friends,

FIDE Online Olympiad, successfully held in 2020, united thousands of people in many countries and was widely accepted by both specialists and fans of this ancient intellectual game. I am genuinely happy that this tradition continues, and today we open the second edition of this global tournament in an online format. I congratulate you on the start of this big, important event.

I am sure that the current Olympiad will be held at a high organizational and competitive level, make a notable contribution to unlocking the significant potential of online chess, and serve the development of modern information technology, which is designed to provide fans and participants with new, truly unique opportunities. And, of course, this tournament, taking place in difficult conditions, will contribute to maintaining the usual busy schedule of chess competitions.

I wish you good luck and bright, unforgettable moments filled with original creative solutions and brilliant victories.

Vladimir Putin